Stolfenwein 3-D - RayCast Engine for Construct2

  • Feature Bonanza, up next:

    -Splash damage from explosives. Not instant, but the good one, you know, like in Blood where you get pushed away over time and take damage.

    -Enemy hit zones, e.g. for headshots

    -Akimbo (dual) weapon wielding

    -Decal rendering for floor / ceiling (blood pools etc.)

    Still looking into alternative rendering methods.

    The leap to C3 runtime looks promising performance wise, but we have issues there. There is no raycasting plugin (trace, chipmunk, Box2dPlus), so Xresolution times for loops with step size 1 have to do the job. Is that feasible?

    Also, what to do for drawing semitransparent / masked walls elements. Raycasting surely has it's limitations there.

    Currently I'm looking into abusing Gigatron's 3d quad shader for wall rendering. Problem is with Construct there is no real z buffer, so the z sorting has to be done per object. This can be done really fast, the walls however have to be sliced up properly to prevent clipping issues.

    Just to give you some insights on the current state of development.


  • Wrote a custom TMX parser to read Tiled xml map information.

    Also, I'm in the process to create templates for all the map assets. This will basically allow custom mapping with Tiled. I'll then also provide a mapping guide.

    The basic format is the usage of polyline and box primitives for walls & zones, points for pickups (green), enemies (red), decorations (blue) and player start.

    The main roadmap goals are now to release a stripped down version to showcase / distribute the framework & continue development of a full game.


  • Your last updates are sounding so awesome. Will there be a download coming in the near future?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Do I need to install all the plugins to see the game ?, why not upload a video to YouTube ?.

  • Hi,

    a downloadable capx will follow once I have the base version (stripped of some 3rd party plugins). Will still need plugins like Chipmunk etc. I can only work in some spare time on it right now, so let's see.

    Probably yes it's a good idea to have some video footage. Have to put together some 30 / 1 min gameplay. I'll see what I can do.

    Cheers & thanks for the continued interest in this project!

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  • Ahhh this is really neat—I've been parsing through your .48 version trying to understand it—really clever—! Can't wait to look at how you have optimized it since then.

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