Pixels of the Universe [WIP]

  • For unknown Time, this Project is frozen. In an Ice cube. It makes Drinks a bit cooler. That's refreshing when Summer is approaching.

  • Screenshots look cool Reminds me a bit of "Inner Space" from back in the mid 90's.

    Welcome to the boards, btw


  • Screenshots look cool Reminds me a bit of "Inner Space" from back in the mid 90's.

    Welcome to the boards, btw


    Good to hear that

    I also tried searching for "Inner Space" and i don't know If i found the right thing, because I only happen to find a Movie ^^'

    And it's good to be welcomed ;D Thanks.

    I really don't know why I haven't made a Scirra Account the whole Time

    Maybe because most of my Questions about making different stuff for Games already was explained in some part of this Forum or on the Tutorials page ;D

  • 2 Weeks of work and I have a new Screenshot to show. Not much difference to see at first, except some Particle adjustment and Damage Indicators.

    I was also heavily working on Asteroid Spawning Systems (for Performance and a more dynamic world), some Space Stations, Ship Upgrades and Crafting System, but I personally don't like the UI at the moment so i won't take any screens of this

  • I like where this is going graphically at least. I can't wait to test it out sometime.

    By the way, the game Inner Space: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation:_Inner_Space

    It was back in the 90s... impossible to buy it but look hard enough you may find abandonware version floating around... though with the number of icon files on pcs these days I think the game would be also impossible to complete since it made worlds based from the number of folders on your system that contained .ico files (you had to capture the icons).


    It seems you can still buy it from the developer website... they have in fact recently updated the site (it used to be defunct) and they have a trial version now which is perfect if you wanted to check it out. I still rate that game as one of the best space style games I've ever played... I spent a year or so playing it on my windows 95 computer - yes it took that long to finish it even back then!


  • gorgeous looking game will it be pc only? since haveing that many sprites on screen might cause slowdown on tablets

  • SoldjahBoy :

    That's interesting, I'll check it out sometimes.

    @PrinceofMars :

    Yes, THIS Version of the game is planned for PC only at first. The Problems aren't the many Sprites you see, the problem would be the WebGL Effects. If turned off, it could work perfectly on Mobile Devices...but that wouldn't be the Graphic Style I had in mind.

    If this Game is finished, I consider making an "Lite Edition" or "Pocket Edition" that is suitable for Mobile Devices.

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  • Pixels of the Universe - PreAlpha Gameplay Trailer #1

    And here is the first Gameplay Trailer

  • It seems like I will be finished with the Basic Mechanics of the Game pretty soon.

    I implemented the past days new Weapons which can be bought and upgraded, like a Laser and Rapid Fire. (With the standard weapon implented at the moment it feels like a Clicker.)

  • Planets need orbiting bodies... like moons and stuff


  • SoldjahBoy

    In my very first attempt of this Project (Summer 2014) I had actually orbits for the Planets around the sun, and moons for planets like earth ^^

    First I try to make the Main Parts of the Game ready, then I'll try to experiment with Orbits again. If I get it to work without as much FPS drops as back then, I will include it

  • SoldjahBoy

    That's an pretty interesting Thing you made there, are all those "Moons" around each star seperate Objects?

    And what I meant by FPS drops, I already have sometimes (with more than 30 Enemys....Yeah, I have to adjust the logic of those at some day...) some FPS Drops, and that just with under 300 Total Objects. And I can't know until then how Orbits will work with the whole Game.

  • Yeah that was made in CC as well, so probably a little faster than C2 is for stuff like that - but yes I get fps drop myself when I have 30-40 of my "actors" on the screen - especially if weather effects start doing weather stuff.

    I'm gonna need to go over my events as see where I can also tighten up the logic and make it more efficient. I feel your pain!


  • I just adjusted some things with the "Every X Second" Conditions......I saved around 7% CPU with no Enemys (Environmental things), and around 16% CPU with 90 Enemys(EnemyState Things). And I looked at the logic of the EnemyShips.....well.....It doesn't look good to reduce some lag with those at the moment. The only adjustment could be made with preventing more Mob Spawnings after like 30 Enemys.

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