Windows 8 in-app purchase

  • How do i know if the purchase product has completed successfully. There is no method like "On Successful complete event" , only it has "Has product purchased" , but not sure how long should i wait before the purchase be completed.

    My product is kind of "hints" pack where i need to add 50 hints if the purchase goes through succesffully if not 0 is added , hence the user will loose the purchase if it's completed in 2 secs as i haev 2 secs wait before i check.

    Has anyone implemented this ? please advise how the behavior is ?

  • Did you get this sorted out? In test mode, nothing happens when I make a product purchase. I'm using "Has product purchased" inverted and not inverted.

  • IIRC for windows 8, the purchase downloads a license. So if "has product purchase" is firing, they have made the purchase.

    There is not "consumables" in windows 8 but what you can do is set the product lifetime to 1 day so they can buy it again the next day. Then, you could set a variable to check if they already received the product, if not give it to them (ie: 50 hints) and then set it to "received" then once the product is no longer purchased (aka, consumed after 1 day) when "is purchased" fires, you can start checking again if it is purchased again simply add 50 more hints.

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  • kenhes There are consumables now in Windows 8.

    Enable in-app purchase of consumables

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