User Media not working with NW.JS and Chrome

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  • Hi, I'm having a fairly big issue with the User Media object which has been frustrating.

    For one, when using NW.JS to debug/export, despite it saying speech recognition is supported, it is unable to hear me through my microphone. I can confirm it is NOT my microphone as it works when Chrome and other programs use it too.

    Now, the main frustrating part is that for some reason, the User Media's condition "On Speech Recognition Result" is broken, for me at least. Let's say I have a condition that triggers User Media to speak "hi" when the user interim transcript is "good morning".

    The "On Speech Recognition Result" fires at LEAST 3-4 times triggering User Media to say 5 "hi s" to me instead of 1, and I DID only say "good morning" once.

    This seems to ONLY happened with any phrases, however single words like "hi" or "hello" only trigger it once, as intended. It also triggers more times depending on the length of the phrase spoken. e.g. "what time is it" triggers it like 5 times whereas "good morning" triggers it twice.

    Another thing is when I use User Media's Interim Transcript = to a string e.g. "hello", the condition returns false. I have now resorted to using an odd way of using the find() expression to get it to respond but the issue above occurs.

    Please, any help on this would be greatly appreciated as my program is halted till I can find a solution to this.

    Also, the image attached below is an image of my code. I don't see a need to attach a capx as nothing in a capx could possibly trigger the above issues in User Media.

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  • same problem here... did u find a solution?

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