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  • Hi everyone (excuse me, i am Belgian and i have a very very bad english )

    You can try the game for understand my problem : (select the first world please)

    The code :

    For the jumpstrenght it's okay. Now, How Can I do to move my character during his jump ?


  • could you try to explain better? also, your link got removed.

  • he wants to shoot while his player is jumping. (missing the rest of the code. what fires the arrow? as how is it attached to the player? to many ?'s) and not any details to support them.)

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  • Hello, thank you for taking the time to help me.

    My problem is that by touching the screen or by clicking on a power arrow appears .

    This allows me to determine the power of the jump via frames.

    But how to simulate a shift to the left or right depending on the angle ?

    PS : The Arrow is simply attached to the player.

    Website link is update sorry !

    Thank you for trying to read me !

  • As you are using the platform behavior, you can simulate controls right/left in an event platform is NOT on floor (same condition as your event 14 that you right click/Invert).

    For the direction in which to go to, make an instance variable "Direction" to your object "joueur". When direction is 0, it means you want to go right, when it is 1 it means you want to go left.

    Those will be subevents of the event mentioned previously.

    To determine whether "Direction" is 0 or 1, you can place an imagepoint at the end of your "power" arrow and check its X position in relation to the monkey X position on touch end.

    If the X of the arrow is greater then the X of the monkey, it means the player is orienting the arrow to the right, so "Direction" should be 0.

    If the X of the arrow is lower than the X of the monkey, it means the player is orienting the arrow to the left, so "Direction" should be 1.

  • Thanks for your help ! It's done !

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