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  • Hey guys,

    I'm using a global variable for my health, and it's max three digits. XYZ.

    I have two text boxes, once to show the health to 99 while each hundred is counted as an extra "life" or like Metroid's energy tank.

    Basically I want one text box to only show "X" for the number of 'energy tanks', while the second text box only shows "YZ" so we know how much health we have until another energy tank is "used up".


    Global variable shows 399 (HP)

    Text Box 1 shows : 3

    Text Box 2 shows : 99

    Currently I'm using three global variables, one to control the text box 1, another to control text box 2 and a third that "fills" so the game knows when to add an energy tank.

    Any idea how to do this?

  • global variable: Health = 399

    text box 1: Int(Health /100)

    text box 2: Int(Health %100)

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  • EyeForcz

    Thanks a lot, you're a big help!

  • Alternatively you could use some string expressions.

    text box 1: left(str(Variable1),len(str(Variable1))-2)

    text box 2: right(str(Health), 2)

    Granted, not very elegant

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