1 SpriteSheet per Sprite is slowing the loading

  • One SpriteSheet per Sprite is slowing the loading time of the game especially in the Mobile/Tablet devices.

    For (e.g) I have a decent size game designed for iPad (2048 x 1536) of about 75 Assets (Just 2.8 mb) includes 2 WebFont related files , 1 loading background, 1 game play screen , 3 animated sprites ( it comes to 6 sprite sheets) , 12 SFX files (24) both format, and the rest are of buttons , sound controllers, surrounding frames, etc. Sounds reasonable for a decent size game ??

    Ya, but what happens in that when i even try on my iPhone 5 or iPad over the LAN it takes a lot of time to download the asssets about 10 secs, but the same loads in about 2 secs in a browser from a MacBook, So Imagine what it would take to load over the wire ? it would be really a bad experience for users , I think anything within 5 secs is decent ?

    can you help on how to resolve this issue ?

    Few ideas i thought were,

    1) Lazy load animation frames, We can mark them which has to loaded initially and lazily by a flag and based on that you can load them.

    2) Share spritesheets for smaller assets like buttons,controls, etc. one sprite sheet / sprite is killing.

    3) Similarly lazy load SFX similar to the animation frames.

    These probably will help us bring the loading time very less, atleast comparable to flash which is very very small when packages as SWF when u package the same game into it.

    So forum users, please advise if there are any other tricks as well, unforutnately my game is not packages as an app rather running it as an web app.

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