How do I make Spriter Pro event triggers work?

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  • So i've added an event trigger, but i don't know how to make it work in Construct 2.

    I've succesfully imported my Spriter file on Consruct 2, and i'm at the "If the event called “fire bullet” is triggered" point.

    But from there on i don't know how to set the bullets position, since i cannot find the action point command in Construct 2.

    So how do i do it?


    "The logic in your game engine should look something like this:

    If the event called “fire bullet” is triggered.

    Then create a bullet sprite at the position of the Action point called “gunbarrell” And set the angle of the bullet sprite to the angle designated by the Action point.

    Set bullet sprite to whatever speed is appropriate."

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  • Ok, i found my answer: "You can create at an X and Y that you specify.. so for the X and the Y retrieve the X and the Y of that particular point you made in Spriter via the name you gave it in Spriter."

    So, after creating an action point (like; bulletpoint) and event trigger (lets name it; shoot) in Spriter Pro first, then the code will look like this:

    Turret > On event "shoot" triggered > System > Create object bullet on layer 1 at (Turret.objectX("bulletpoint"), (Turret.objectY("bulletpoint").

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