Where does the save game using webstorage place the files?

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  • Hey peoples,

    Recently read this tutorial on Save Games. I'm wondering where does the save game file get stored? Is there another way to make save games that make a folder in Documents like regular games do where they make a folder with their save game files in the users Documents folder?

  • webstorage uses the browser's cache.

    I think there is a 3rd party pluging that creates files, but not sure

  • The webstorage object is very easy to use but it does only save into the users cookies. It does not get saved in the cache, so the cache can be cleared and the savegame still intact. But also at the same time, because cookies are locally stored data, the user's progress will be saved whether online or not.

    If you want to access the users computer with more versatility and transparency, use the nobe-webkit plugin. You will have to right click some white space in the add plugin window and check "Show deprecated Plugins"

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  • Nobe webkit will allow you to access file paths and directories that you created

  • Anyway to use the System Action "Save Game to Slot" to make it save to a custom directory? I'd like to have a physical file of the save game, like how must games produce .sav files in the Documents folder.

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