All resources in offline.appcache takes long..

  • All resources in offline.appcache takes long time to load particularly in mobile devices like iPad or Nexus 7 even over the local LAN (192.168....) network. From iPad or Nexus it takes about 100 seconds to load whereas from the desktop browser like chrome or firefox it takes only about 7 seconds to load about 223 resources (png, mp3, etc), Looks like the resources are loading sequentially rather than parallely or those devices are too slow or there is some form of limitation on number of http connections or concurrent requests. I would think little slow but not this slow which practically makes the game impossible to play . but once it's cached then the game loads in 5-6 seconds without issues.

    So , i am wondering what makes the iPad or Nexus 7 to load slower compared to desktop or is there any trick or workaround can i use to make it work . This really makes the mobile browser unusable for games , I also even tried even by just putting 100 images in a HTML file , it still tool long time compared to the desktop browser.

    Please advise on how to make it faster and work atleast close to the desktop version.

    Note my requirement is to run the the game as a mobile web app in the browser instead of a packaged appstore like app which probably be faster when packages with cocoonJS or so.

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  • Why is it a problem? As far as I've noticed, the game starts as soon as it's downloaded, then the caching continues in the background while the game is running, so it doesn't affect the load time.

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