Is it Possible to Import Animations at Runtime?

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  • Pretty simple question, not sure if any answer will be quite so simple.

    Basically, I have a nice little actor sprite object and what I would like to know is if it is possible to import a whole animation into said object.

    If not, I don't see a huge deal in it. I just would like to know because I want to keep as little project data within the project files as possible, and rather store information about the game (animations, stats, actions, & etc.) in JSON files that I or project members can edit without having to delve into the project itself.

  • Even a "no" would be nice. I thought this was a decent and reasonable question ask, hahah.

  • Possible, but more like I created own animations in runtime, I developed a weird game is called webcam fighter application for Game jam, when you use webcam to take snapshot in following 3 animations with 5 frames: ouch! face, grunt face and victory face.

    It worked like a charm, so you may use import, create or something else animation in runtime if you have good design about logic.

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  • Joannesalfa thanks for at least a confirmation that it can be done. I did notice you could import images into particular frames one-by-one with an action, is that what you did? "when you use webcam to take snapshot in following 3 animations with 5 frames"

    I would need any particular number of frames as defined by my imported data, not any set number.

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