Please Help! Repetitive Audio Event - How do I

  • hi

    since I still cant PM you, is there any other way that I could reach you? if you dont mind

  • hi again

    I checked steam and I also need to gain some status before I can PM you...

    I am creating this game I'd like to publish in the play store and maybe somewhere else.. Im new into this but I think my game has some potential if done right... It would be great to have someone to give me advices and support, fix some bugs, and you seem to be very good at it...

    So if you would like to help me out I would be very glad to send you a gift certificate for anything you want, after the game is published and if I make some bucks with ads... Even if I dont make money with it, I sill would like to send you something if you help me to finish it until its complete... What do you think? It wouldnt consume much of your time, I just need to make sure you wont share the game with anyone else before its ready...

    let me know what you think, thanks :^)

    Ps: I will check how to increase my status here on this community so I can PM you

  • You can try some of the 'badges' on your profile to get some rep, some of them should be fairly easy. You can post in the team request section if you need someone to help you make a game although I am around to assist with fixes and debugging 'usually'.

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  • Alright, as soon as I can PM people I will get back in touch, since I still dont want to show the game publicly... Thank you again.

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