How do I make my player the only one?

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  • Hello, i have a problem.

    I'm making a top-to-down game.

    I have to make a system where the player enters in a house, then go to another layout, where the house is, then get out of the house.

    But, when i enter the house and get out, two errors happen:

    1 - The text "[Press Space to Open Door]" Doesnot appear anymore (after the first time)

    2- My player is multiplied, he spawns in the place where he first spawn when the game is started, and in the position next to the door of the house he just ot out, and if i enter the house, he's multipied again.

    what do i do to this do not happen?

  • Check you events again.

    You must have a "on start of layout | create character at x,y" in there somewhere.

    If you still have problems, a workaround would be to destroy all instances and recreating one on start of layout.

    On Start of Layout |

    Destroy Char

    Creater Char x,y...

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  • Or, you made the Player Sprite global and you have it present in each layout.

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