Optimizing a game for mobile platforms. Your tips?

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  • Okay , kinda big post coming , this is only my own experience and may not be how C2 really works , but C2 being a very optimised engine , I would guess this is how it works

    First of all , for the 10/90 rule , it's not really always how it works , with algorithms like raytracing or physics may take more resources than rendering but that is 90% of the time not the case on mobile ...

    Let's go even further , I'll try and explain why such optimisation tips are given , I think C2 culls the objects out of the screen and goes thru all of them , just to clarify it , that's why you need to keep 'em low , but this is probably not a bottleneck so ye , also , big sprites take lots of space that old phones don't have , take note that a pixel is 7 bytes ( or more/less in C2's case , probably more ) for color (3) + position (4) as a float so that's around 1.75 mbs for a 512x512 image , loaded in the RAM before drawing , and for multiple images loaded before drawing , that can be a mem-killer , that's what I gathered around playing with OpenGL , hope it helps

    tl;dr , keep the num of sprites loaded into memory and objects on screen low

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