Mobile Safari slow when loading lot of images in o

  • Mobile Safari slow when loading lot of images in offine.appcache , for about 130 images it takes about 4 seconds in Mac Safari browser where as the same in Mobile Safari in Ipad takes about 22 seconds , almost 5x times even on a Local LAN (192.168..) network.

    Any idea why this behavior , are they any tips to improve the download/loading speed ?

    note once the images are cached , it loads the game in just 4-5 seconds.

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  • The only thing that I could find on the subject is that mobile safari only allows roughly 1/4 of the requests that the desktop safari does. So while the desktop version might be able to load 20 objects at a time (not real numbers; I didn't have time to do an in-depth test), the mobile version can only load 5 objects at a time, making it take much longer to download, even if they're both using the same type of connection.

    You might try combining some of the images into sprites anywhere that it would make sense to.

  • If i use multiple domain can i make the safari to open multiple connections , Is the limit is 4 per domain or overall ?

  • One good news ! is that the latest beta release v133 has a spritesheet max size of 2048 x 2048px from 512 x 512px which really helps in the reducing the number of roundrtip http requests and reduced the loading time particularly when you sprite with lots of animations with large number of frames.

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