How to load 'n play music using the new file chooser plugin?

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  • Is there any way that we can use the file chooser plugin in order to load an audio file into a game and play said audio file using the audio plugin? I would like to create something of an audio visualizer, and so I need access to the effects in the plugin. I am willing to figure out a way to filter results to only the audio playable on a particular platform, but this is the only way to even create a visualizer program in Construct 2, so the requirement is non-negotiable.

    Alternatively, I would be interested in a plugin that does this and has an analyzer akin to the audio plugin that comes with C2.

    Even if you don't know, I would still appreciate a point in the right direction.


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  • So, any ideas? Ashley maybe? Should I make a feature request? I cannot imagine it would be that difficult. I see this as a feature with many uses were we to allow users to load many other kinds of files rather than just simple graphics.

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