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  • Hi there, with my current project, I am making a pause screen that has "restart level" as one of your options. My problem is that I have money and xp to take into account when I reload the layout... I just said MouseAndKeyboard-on object:"restart level" clicked >load "layout..." So basically, what I am asking is, if u get half way through the level and you get stuck somewhere but u have also accumulated xp and money, how do u restart the level with ONLY the money and xp u acquired in the previous levels? .

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  • You need two storages for money and XP.

    For example:

    TotalMoney, TotalXP, LevelMoney, LevelXP

    During the level, you accumulate money and xp into these variables: LevelMoney, LevelXP

    When level is completed, add them to TotalMoney, TotalXP.

    If level is aborted, don't add them.

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