Layout Effect doesn't when time scale is zero

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  • Hey guys,

    I've decided to replace my inter-room transition from the slide to a pixelate effect on the entire layout.

    Basically when the layout starts, the game is frozen, and the pixellation goes from 16 to 1, but my problem is that when I put the time scale to zero, the wait action no longer works.

    Any idea how to fix this?


    This doesn't work when the time scale is set to zero. But it needs to be zero otherwise the effect will interfere with gameplay, letting the player move and shoot, gravity affecting everything while in transition, etc.

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  • I tried making a family of all the items, characters, enemies, etc and setting their time scale to zero but gravity still affects them, not to mention I'm still able to shoot.

  • What if you set the time scale on the start of layout to something like 0.000001 instead of 0?

    Make sure you change your wait times accordingly, so they don't take forever

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