How do I give my platformer obstacles?

  • Hello, im developing an game and i've shown it on events, conventions and many other places, so far everyone enjoys my game but some people want to see more in the game, one of the feedback that i've been getting the most is the implementation of having obstacles in the platforms. In my game im using an modified version of the auto-runner example by scirra, which it generates the platforms, but they look plain and simple, but the modification i made was just a little thing that doesn't change how it's generated. So how do i achieve to put obstacles in the platforms? Here's an example of what im talking about:

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  • Why don't you consider spawning and dropping obstacles just off screen on to the platform as solid objects.

  • I was trying to figure that out, how could I have preset platforms with obstacles without messing the code or just messing up the gameplay. That's what I'm worried about, cause the code I'm using is generating them and not calling an preset platform (which generating them is more efficient).

    Is there a way that you can generate them to have obstacles?

  • I would use The System>Create Object to create blocks jus off screen to the right and up. Make them Solid and give them the "Pin" and "Bullet" behaviors. You could create them every x seconds using "random" or "choose" methods. Set the blocks to fall straight down using "Bullet" behavior and set to pin the platform "On Collision". Also draw a sprite wall off screen to the left and bottom to destroy the blocks on collision. You'll have to play with the timing and you can even spawn different size or shaped blocks using "random" or "choose" methods. This should accomplish what your looking for.

    Hope this helps.

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