How do I Create Toggle AI Movement?

  • Essentially my dilemma is this: I am making a platformer, but every one of my attempts at creating an enemy that changes direction when they meet a wall has resulted in a game that doesn't load, or a game where when the enemy's direction change trigger is triggered, it freezes. I've tried using boolean logic toggles, and boolean logic setters, and both of those crash the game. I've also tried using a timed system instead where all the AI would be synced up to a clock which would toggle the direction of movement every few seconds. Neither of those seemed to work due to freezing and black screens upon run attempts.

  • what movement behaviour are u using on the enemies?

    if its the platform, there's an event "isbyWall", at left or right, but the wall object must have the solid behaviour

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  • Ah, thanks for the response! I did just a few minutes ago get it working. Essentially it was just a problem with ordering animations and event triggers regarding falling and walking, where I would walk in mid-air if I walked off of a platform, and I would stick in the falling animation while I was walking if I began moving before I hit the ground.

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