How do I check Internet connection on Android (Crosswalk)?

  • I've been trying to use the browser "Is online" function and getting back unreliable results. It well say online for a while and then it will say offline even when I am connected. The same is true when I put the device into Airplane Mode, completely unpredictable. I have tested this on 2 different devices so I'm pretty sure it is not a hardware thing. Would really appreciate help, this is the only thing stopping me from publishing my game.

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  • On further testing it seems that completely unrelated events toggle this. Is this a bug?

  • When I preview over wifi on android I get

    "Javascript Error!

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'connect' of undefined http://.../cws-buy.js line 1 (col 282)


    I have 2 third party plugins installed but everything was working fine before and I havent changed anything that is related to them.

    I only get this error on Android devices. PC and iOS works fine. It also works when exported to Android (however I get unpredictable results using the Browser plugin to detect internet connection as stated above)

    I havent had any luck reproducing this in a simpler capx yet.

  • Guys Please Help me. Im now using the Admob for my app.

    I just want to know how can I test if my app connected to the internet.

  • dhalvin


    Browser action "is online" work fine on windows, but for android and ios I use cranberrygame's plugin (CordovaNetworkInfo) from

  • dhalvin

    Thank you for your reply. Very much appreciated.

    Im now using admob. My ads only appear when connected to the internet before the layout start.

    Every time I restart my app with no internet connection i has no ads (like what I expected) but when I turned on the internet the ads does not appear. I try already the Browser action "is online" to preload the banner ad but its not working.

  • dhalvin


    Browser action "is online" work fine on windows, but for android and ios I use cranberrygame's plugin (CordovaNetworkInfo) from

    Hi, I have the CordovaNetworkInfo from Cranberry game's, but it's not working with me.

    I would really appreciate any kind of support on how to use this plugin.


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