How to gradually increase the brightness of Sprit?

  • I have a sprite whose brightness needs to be gradually increased and decreased to show a "highlighting" kind of effect. how do i do it ? there are options in WebGL effects like brighness and luminosity but not sure what parameter to set to what value ?

    Also can it be done only by WebGL because i wanted to avoid WebGL effects as much as possible to support most browsers and platforms . Please advise.

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  • One way of doing this could be by using an animation, create a sprite sheet with the glowing effect working, set it to loop when highlighted and set the animation frame when it is not highlighted.

    Not sure if this is what you was looking for but that should help with your problem without using webgl

  • I have 100's of puzzle pieces (images) i don't think i will be able to create for all of them , if WebGL is the only way , can someone tell me how to do this with the WebGL effects ? the documentation doesn't seems to be very friendly.

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