Game levels transitions, not so easy ?

  • I was doing a lots of searches in the forum on how to add transition effects like Slide-In, Slide-Out or Fade-In/Fade-Out when moving between layouts or levels, hoping it would be easy as most of the game would needs this feature. But unfortunately it seems like there is no easy way in achieving the effect. Most of them are either pointing to Construct Classic or your custom coding to achieve the same but nothing seems to have a solid example for at least Slide-In/Slide-Out transition

    Can someone throw some light on how to do achieve this or is it something simple that already been available that i might have missed ? Still feels like this should have been built it particularly when Construct 2 advertises itself as "No Programming required ". <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I don't really know but the way I would improvise is perhaps add a 2-3 screen when level done - go to layout level 2.

    on loadout begin - create object "splash screen" and make it fade or move left off screen at 400px or whichever method you choose.

  • I think his is possible with the 'snapshot canvas' action - I believe someone made an example, try a search.

  • There are so many possibilities here...obviously for fade in/out, well these should be explanatory by using the Fade behavior (remember, you can use more than one fade per object). Instead of thinking in terms of "On go to layout -->fade out" think of it like the end of your list of actions "start fade" so it would be "On start of layout -->a bunch of stuff happens, then start fade" or on doing something like beating a boss "start fade".

    For screen slides, you can use bullet behavior or sine behavior or the "every tick" event. There are more, but these are the simplest I can think of.

  • Perhaps this is the thread you were thinking about sqiddster? Some great examples there at least.

  • Nimtrix, yep, that's the one.

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