How to fix multiplayer scroll to behavior - Not solved! HELP

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  • Hey guys, I've recently had a serious problem with my new game, my games based off the construct 2 multiplayer game example, I gave the UI the anchor behaviour, and expanded the layout size, and when two players join the scroll to behaviour I gave to the peer sprite, just. Switches between the two peers in the multiplayer game, I'd like a fix for this, so the scroll to behaviour only works on the peer you control, it's hard becouse there's-only one peer sprite.

    iPhone 4 used to type this.

  • Ashley, please none of the community are experienced multiplayer that I'm aware of, please reply! please!

  • It's a Sunday and you've only waited less than 3 hours. You will probably need to wait until Monday for the majority of users to come online.

    Just bump it in morning if you still haven't had an answer.

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  • Bumped, anyone? Ideas? :/

  • Any ideas? please anyone, I'd really like to get started on this project again :/

  • Seriously? No one? D:

  • You need a way to check which peer object is yours and which is another players. In the example, the peer category checks the perr object when it is created for if peerid is equal to Multiplayer.MyID. That event will pick the one peer object the player controls where you can enable scroll to.

    Also please don't bump every 2 hours, there isnt always someone ready to jump on your questions.

  • Can you please explain fully? I'd like to know a direct fix, if possible could you show a screenshot what i wo[quote:6zrarl6g]EncryptedCow

    ld need to add to the event sheet of the game? :/

  • Bumped for Tuesday, hope someone relies..

  • Can you give a screenshot of what you're layout looks like, maybe I can help.

  • There isn't a way to write construct2 code here. Below is only a pseudocode ( or general workflow )

    Hope this make sense.

    1) Manually set Initial state to false on all ScrollTo behavior.

    2) In the client synchronization code,

    System.on_player_created { 
      if ( player.peer_id == Multiplayer.MyID ){
         // Only enable the scrollTo behavior if I OWN the player object.
         set player.scrollTo.Enabled = true
    3) In the host code,
    System.on_start_of_layout {
      if ( player.peer_id == Multiplayer.MyID ){
        set player.scrollTo.Enabled = true
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