Embed data in 100 invisible text boxes

  • I have encountered lot of difficulties using AJAX and XML in mobile platforms and never got it to work either in cocoonJS or appMobi properly. I am basically storing puzzle information of averaging about 150bytes per puzzle (csv values) , i have about 100 of them. So, to avoid AJAX and XML , can i just put in 100 invisible text boxes in a layout , make i global and use it across the program ?

    Do you think there will be any issue interms of performance of anything ? or any other suggestion to simplify will also be helpful.

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  • 100 text box values ... that would take an eternity to create , and I'm not talking about the coding ! Use Arrays , they are mainly made for this type of games and are really helpful !


  • Are u saying to create an array and assign the 100 static values to an each index value of an array in the event sheet ?

  • Or even variable(s) as CSV or something. You could use tokenat() to browse through the values like value1;value2;value3

    But yea, arrays or any datastructure are the way to store data. Textboxes just seem... plain wrong :)

  • thanks for your suggestion, i am just using the Dictionary , each key as a set of CSV values, it seems to work for the first 4 entries, will let you know how it goes when it reaches 100 entries (it's a lot of cut and paste ) <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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