Make a Continuous Layout?

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  • Hey gang,

    I'm stumped. Maybe of your guys' beautiful brains can help me out.

    What I'm trying to achieve: a layout that keeps playing, even while you (the player) moves on to a new layout.

    For instance, I have Layout 1 -- a livened, animated city where little NPC dudes walk around freely, cars pass by, etc.. And then I have Layout 2 -- a scene for the player's home.

    When the player leaves Layout 1, I want the NPC characters to keep walking around, so that when the player reenters the scene, it'll be as if time has passed by.


    More simply put:] Let's assume NPC1 is on a path from point A to point B. If you leave the layout, wait 5 minutes, then reenter the layout, I want NPC 1 to have arrived at point B.

    Any thoughts?

  • (Side note) I do have the persist behavior enabled on my NPC Family. That doesn't achieve the desired effect. While persist is great in the sense that objects retain their last state/location/playing-animation, the problem occurs when you leave, because it's as if time freezes, and when you come back, the time resumes. I want time to be continuous.

  • dont change layouts, load things in and out of memory manually, teleport your character to the desired area where the area was generated, keep running events on your NPCs are usual without unloading them

    alternatively, run code that decide NPC's position with events and math, or have all of the layout contain the NPCs way off screen ?

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  • Ahh that's perfect. Thanks Eleanor! That's such an easy work-around, I never even thought of it. You rock!

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