CocoonJS Object supporting other functions

  • I am using [r114] Construct 2 with CocoonJS object. I see only Ad Extension & In-App Purchase actions are supported. How about other extension similar to the CocoonJS examples like the Social extension, "rate the game" , etc , how can i call them ?

    I read somewhere in the forumthat callJs plugin can be used to call the methods , but it would be helpful if someone can provide the capx doing the same or suggest ideas on how to achieve them ?

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  • Anyone CocoonJS experts with Construct 2 ?

  • Construct guys are doing a great job integrating our extensions in their platform. You will have to wait until wither them or someone else creates a plugin. In the next version of CocoonJS we will be adding improved APIs for social and social gaming extensions with support for Twitter, Facebook and Game Center.

    Another option you have is to integrate them yourself in the exported js file but I think this could be REALLY complicated.

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