How do I make Character Selection screen in Platformer?

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  • So I've read the Beginner Tutorial and played around with Construct 2. But I still do not know how to craft some important mechanics of a Platformer Game...

    • I want to add extra Characters/Players into the Platformer Game
    • I want to make a Character Selection screen before each game starts so players can choose different Sprites/Characters they prefer.
    • I want to make a certain Character that can be unlocked once certain score is achieved in-game.
    • I want to make a "store" so that players can unlock new Characters with the Gold(earned based on distance moved/score).

    Any seniors here that can share what are the steps or which feature(s) on Construct 2 to be used to make the things mentioned above?

    I'm a newbie and doesn't know those complicated interface I'm really sorry! >< Help appreciated! Thank you!

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