Bro Force Destructible environment?

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  • Does any body know how to make a Bro Force style destructible environment? What I mean by this is a tile based destructible environment where every tile has a certain amount of health and some of the blocks may be effected by gravity or will explode when destroyed. I believe that is could be done with Tile Maps and Arrays. If any body has any idea how this could be accomplished within construct 2 (without using a hole bunch of Sprites.) than please send me a CAPX or instructions of how I could do this my self. Thank you.

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  • You have to use "a whole bunch of sprites" to do something like this.

    I've done things like this in the past, and I used an array to track the tile types and health... and used that same array to display the tiles on screen so I could basically have an unlimited map size with only the number of tiles that are on screen at once displayed - the rest were "non-existent" if they weren't actually on-screen.

    I'm not sure how tilemap actually works since I've never used it - but I made my destructible tile terrain (as well as other types) in Construct Classic a few years ago.

    It's not going to be the easiest task to achieve, unless someone else here has a really elegant and easy method to it.


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