How do I animate speech bubble popping ?

  • I am trying to find how to do speech bubble animation , one that like it pops us from bottom to top as shown in this video

    I tried to increase the scale a scale of 0.1 for like each 0.1 seconds but the overall image is scaled with the bottom position being changed, but i needed something like in the video. Any help on how to achieve it ? basically i wanted to know How can I scale my object "upwards" or "diagonal" towards top-right ?

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  • This can be done very easily by adjusting the x and y of the speech bubble by half of the growth amount. For example, if you are scaling the object by 10 pixels, you would move the sprite to the right and up by 5 pixels. To show you what I mean, I am attaching a very simple capx file for you.

    When you run the cap, all you have to do is click the red square. It will stretch diagonally up and to the right. You can click it again and it will shrink in the opposite direction.

    The important thing is to remember you have to adjust the position by exactly half the number of pixels you stretch it by.

  • That worked like a charm , Thanks for the help

  • I am trying to use the SpriteFont to fill the speech bubble, but i am not able to fit the text inside the bubble by scaling. For (eg) if there is 4 letters i want to scale 4x and fill the bubble, if there are 40 letters, i need to downscale to say 0.9 to fit the text , but depending on the number of letters, i am not sure what is the algorithm to find the scale value based on the width/height of the bubble and the number of letters with spaces and words. Any help is appreciated ?

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