Ads when free and not when paid

  • I learnt that if you make ur app from paid to free and switch back to paid, you will get the notice of lot of users as there are lots of sites tracking apps gone free, seems like one way of free marketing that works in AppStore and Android Market.

    The thing is i wanted to monetize the game primarily through Ads, but at the same time i don't to display them when people buy it when i am changing to paid.

    How can i achieve it , is there any way to tell if app is bought instead of a free download for me to disable the Ads ?

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  • there are many different ways to do that like:

    -Make 2 different versions 1 paid, 1 free with ads (If you make no in app purchasing you need anyway 2 versions for the store)

    • You could save the device id at purchase and than save something in the localstorage to check if the user is premium or not
    • You could make a login system and save the user in a database

    And many more...

  • As far as i know, 2 different version doesn't seem to work , for some reason app users think free is inferior doesn't get that much traction rather when u make a paid app free they think that they are getting a very good deal and it gets lots of downloads which is i am trying to see how i can design the same app to monetize on both ways.

    btw, how do i get the Device ID ? Is there an object available in Construct 2 to get the data. ?

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