Updated to latest stable version and game doesn't run

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  • I was using the r200 version for quite a while and today i updated (to r206), when i test the game, everything is messing up, error screens, game not loading and ect. When i had the r200 version, testing the game runs it correctly, no errors screens, game loads well and ect. I started using Construct 2 in the r139 version last year, i have upgraded Construct before and i've never encountered a problem like this before, every update that i've done worked well except this one.

    Of course i am not uploading my game's caproj, but what can i do to get my game to run without errors and stuff? I've been developing a game with Construct 2 now for almost 1 year and i don't want to lose all of the progress i have made with my game or start all over again.

    Can someone help me with this situation?

  • What are the error messages that you receive? Is this the same on chrome, IE, Firefox and NW? If there are error messages, how does the game run afterwards ie are bits missing / not loaded? If you export the game and then try to play it does it work?

    Without a capx it's going to be almost impossible to diagnose what's wrong. It's also possible that the caproj could have become corrupted, so it might be worth trying a backup version in r206 to see if that works.

  • One of the errors is "Javascript error! Uncaught TypeError: Failed to set the 'volume' property on 'HTMLMediaElement': The provided double value is non-finite. http//localhost:5000/Audio_plugin.js. line 1706 (col 20)" this error reffers to the music of the game, but not the sounds of the game which is odd.

    So this is what it's going on in the game (so far that i've seen):

    • menu and title screen appears broken (buttons and/or text not showing up, buttons and/or text getting invisible or visible at wrong times).
    • game not loading at some points.
    • music not playing.
  • If you revert back to r200 does everything work OK?

  • i think i can't cause i upgrade it today and have been working on the game for hours (just editing and modifing the art of the game), i saved it without testing it and now i test it and all of that happends. i believe that once you save it, you can't revert back to another version.

  • I suspect that your problems will be the result of the work you did and not changing to r206. Here's a simple tutorial showing you how to revert c2.

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  • You are right, i reverted it and still errors, but it could be then that i also upraded today the node webkit, if is not that then i'll have to check what's going on cause i only changed .png files to other .png files and i doubt that for this the game will not load.

  • Sorry to hear that! Try your backup files; I hope one of them works OK.

  • Found out what was the error, check it here: scirra.com/forum/possible-bug-on-audio-or-possible-mistake-on-my-part_t147334

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