Trouble with playing video in

  • My exported Html5 game are working perfectly with Dropbox server, no problem playing video file and sounds at all.

    But, when I submit and zip it to everything working great except the video, the video area appears black.

    It looks like it can't find the video.

    Does this have to do with MIME types?

    videos files (mp4, ogv, webm) are in the root folder (same folder with the index.html) not in the "video" folder.

    Guys please help, I really don't know where to ask.

    Thank you.

  • Nevermind ! once again I found myself a solution, thank you.

  • Nevermind ! once again I found myself a solution, thank you.

    If you don't provide enough information, especially a link to the project, then how is anyone meant to help?

    Guesswork is just a waste of everyone's time.

    Also, not all the helpful users are in the same timezone, so it can take 24 hours to get a response.

    IF you found a solution, then why not post it here for others who may have the same issue.

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  • zenox98

    Yeah it might not have much of information in this post, it's more like asking friends "man, do you have this problem ?" because, I don't know why a layout that literally contain just 2 of an official Touch plug-in and a Video plug-in in the layout that point to a correct path to the mp4 and webm files, are working with Dropbox but not in,

    so I searched the C2 documents and I found something about MIME types, and I think, "hmm this might be it". But I'm not sure because, I don't have any knowledge about it. and C2 didn't create a "video" folder for me so that confused me even more. because, I believe in C2 standard.

    Yup, you're right, unlucky me most of the time my posts are not in the spot of the helpful user.

  • So,

    the SOLUTION

    relink your video source in the eventsheet, point it to a video in the folder named "video"

  • newlee

    Hey pal! I combed through the web and you are the only friend that has the same issue I encountered. I hope you can share your solution again (the image link is down). Thank you!

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