[Suggestions] Behavior and Auto Complete Improvements

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  • Fade Behavior:

    Set maximum opacity

    Bullet Behavior :

    Compare acceleration

    Compare angle of motion

    Is Enabled condition

    Require an option not to set the angle of motion of bullet to 0 when the speed is 0(perhaps acceleration too)

    Path Finding :

    Has path ? condition

    Nodes are shown in debugger


    Spreadsheet preview in debugger like Microsoft Excel(Depth more than one can be represented by multiple spreadsheet for each depth level)

    Layer :

    Auto complete in expression eg. Mouse.Y("layer") and other similar case

    Auto change the name of the layer in event sheet,when we change it at the layer editor

    Timer auto complete:

    Start timer action


    Parameter value expression eg. Sprite.brightness.(0)


    Transition style between Layouts ( Basic one like Microsoft Powerpoint)

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  • Option not to destroy children particles when the source is destroyed.

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