Strange physics error in console about "JSContactFilter"

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  • After exporting my game, in addition to the moments of odd lag, I have been getting this bizarre error:

    (function(Module, FS) { return function($0,$1,$2){ { var self = Module['getCache'](Module['JSContactFilter'])[$0]; if (!self.hasOwnProperty('ShouldCollide')) throw 'a JSImplementation must implement all functions, you forgot JSContactFilter::ShouldCollide.'; return self.ShouldCollide($1,$2); } } })[/code:18k7fs82]
    Again, this is with a project that exported just fine before 196 (I have a ton of GIFs that I was recording to show off to prove it did). I looked up the keywords and found it is related to the physics engine.
    You can see for yourself here by using the Java Script Console: [url=] ... index.html[/url]
    The game works in all preview modes, just not on export.
    I haven't submitted a report because I'm confused what it is and whether or not anyone else is getting this error and unsure what to do.
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