[Solved]Peer Objects Not Syncing Across Games

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  • So here's my issue, after practically copying the (working) real-time multiplayer game template: when a peer object is created on the host's game, the object is never created on the peer's game.

    Is there anyone that can take a look and see where I have gone wrong? I've tried to keep my first structure as simple as possible, so it doesn't have much, but what it has is simply not working as I've expected it to and as the multiplayer template it working as well under the same browser circumstances.

    It's probably something extremely simple, yet I do not see what is going on.

    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jksjo8e7uyn3 ... 0v002.capx

    Anyone with enough experience that can tip me off?

    Edit: for anyone wondering, I forgot to add the actual action that tells the game to sync up a particular object. A pic of the action is attached below.

  • No one at all?

    I would check the manual but there's nothing there as of yet, and I looked over the tutorials on using multiplayer. Could this be a possible bug instead of an issue with the events I have set up? Essentially my object isn't being created on the peer, even though I have it set to sync up my peer object...

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  • You deleted the 'Sync object' action, so the object will not be synced at all. You cannot sync any variables without first syncing the object itself.

  • Ashley, aaaah, I see! And I actually built this piece by piece following the multiplayer example, instead of trimming. I must have missed the event by confusing it with the instance variable syncs.

    Thanks! I will keep this in mind in case anyone else makes the same mistake.

  • Thanks for this post, I work for a poly Object game shooter same worms and I must to sync spawner variable object with à timer yes it is hard but WE Can be Hard

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