[SOLVED] Multiplayer error "specified client ID"

  • EDIT: Apparently, the engine requires a cycle or two to establish that the player has "joined a room". The "Is not in room" error, which I had built to kick players from the server, was triggering as soon as the peer joined the room. The host thought there was a peer, but the peer had kicked itself back to the menu.

    Waiting at least a cycle / second before checking if a player "is not in room" solved the problem. (Perhaps I missed this requirement in the manual.)


    Has anyone had this error before?

    I have a host creating a specifically-named room, and a peer attempting to join it. The peer requests the room list, searches it for the specifc room name, and if it's available, joins the room.

    Immediately the host receives a "signalling error" from the multiplayer object, and the errormessage reads "specified client ID not in same room". The peer does not join the room.

    I'm using the same methods as I am using to join public games, which work fine. Hosts can start specifcally-named rooms fine as well. It's just when the peers try to join.

    Any clues would be appreciated! Thanks for reading

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