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  • Ashley

    Is it possible to make an event action "Reset Global Object to Initial State" in the next or future builds of Construct2?

  • Why? When making feature requests you should outline the use cases, cover the existing options/workarounds, and then highlight why they need improving. We don't want to spend time writing features for no reason.

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  • Woops, sorry.

    It could be used in games that have their players, bosses and power ups as global objects, thus when the player is destroyed and the game ends, they can be reset. Thus it can be easily set up so that when the player character is destroyed, and the person playing goes back to the main menu and hits New Game, that the player character is there.

    My game is currently set up so that the player is a global object, upon hitting zero health it's destroyed and after 5 seconds you get sent to the Game Over screen/layout.

    After you die if you go back to the Main Menu and restart a new game, the player is no longer present even though it's a new game.

    It could be put as an action in the "New Game Event" to reset global objects (i.e Bosses, Power-Ups, Player Character), Sort of like how there's an action to reset Global variables.

    Does that make sense?

    Currently the way it's possible to set it up is using global/instance variables to check if the player is dead, while the player is actually invisible instead of destroyed. However games could be set up so that global variables reset when the player dies or goes to the main menu. Which is difficult to set up to work how it's supposed to.

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