[Request] Tilemap Feature - Shift Tiles

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  • The ability to shift all tiles within a tile map by X and/or Y.

    I have had to recreate maps before by making a mistake on dimensions, and often I find completely remaking the map is easier than trying to shift by hand by copying my work over, but still extremely tedious.

    Also, if possible, toggling collisions on individual tiles! I have hacked it in before by simple deleting the number of collision points in the polygon until I have three and then placing those on one point (such as the top left), but having an official toggle would be so much help.

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  • I second this request. This would be great

  • Hooray! A seconder! Seriously though, anyone using Tilemaps would vouch for this feature if they heard about it. Thanks for the post!

  • Making the tilemap center-oriented and fixing the shift+rightclick pickup feature would probably be better. This way you can just expand the tilemap as needed and pickup/reposition large chunks of tiles wherever you want. Yet another thing I don't see happening until C3 though.

  • I'm a proper noob to all this but

    doesn't using tmx import export and external editor give you everything you want for tilemap editing and more?

    Also wrt collisions isn't it better to work with separate simple hidden monochrome collision tilemap overlayed with complex decorative tilemaps with no collision . As well as making llevel creation much easier it negates the need to have tilemap tiles without collisions.

    Feel free to shoot me down as necessary....

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