Pool Money to fork out CocoonJS Plugin ?

  • I think that with the imminent release of iOS everyone will start using Phonegap, as it's truly opensource with no mandatory startupscreens and memory problems

    that's probably true, but still, it will take a while and there is still the android side. Crosswalk is not ready yet and has no monetization possibilites. While I love Construct 2, I think that this post shows that the community is just fed up by being pushed from "possibility to possibility". We want something that is working and finished, preferably now. As you see, people -including me- are even willing to pay extra and you can't blame them for it.

    Even this topic is 4 month old and there is no land in sign.

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  • Yeah its a long waiting game sadly. I have very high hopes for Crosswalk/XDK but there's no signs of proper monetization support and no updates on it.

    Ejecta has problems with memory management on iOS as well.. so we're stuck with smaller asset games via CJS.

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