Pool Money to fork out CocoonJS Plugin ?

  • Like it was discussed in the thread scirra.com/forum/mobile-pain-why-is-scirra-ignoring_topic62647_page4.html mobile developers hands are really tied without many of the essential features/extensions to compete or to at least try make any sort of money. Long before CocoonJS features were available Scirra's implementation of the CocoonJS object plugin is lacking lots of features & un-implemented. Also questions related to CocoonJS are blamed between Ludei & Scirra and unanswered in some cases and no proper documentation .

    I understand they have their own reasons, but in spite of waiting and whining , i am thinking whether the developers who are really in need of those cocoonJS additional features/extension can pool money , find a seasoned javascript developer to fork out cocoonJS plugin and implement the features/extensions that are lacking. I think this would give a big boost to compete with the native developers.

    I see posts that there are several people who are interested in this , i hope they can contribute and get this done for the benefit of the entire community.

    I am not sure how much it would cost since i am not a javascript developer, so if someone can estimate the number of man hours it would be great , i am thinking it's not hard and shouldn't take more time based on my understanding.

    So , Whoever interested please post like the one below so that i know how much we can pool either money or coding time.

    btw, i am willing to contribute $100 USD.


    I am interested, here is i can do,

    LoginID :

    I can contribute US$ :


  • ===================

    I am interested, here is i can do,

    LoginID : tringio

    I can contribute US$ : 100.00


  • ===================

    I am interested, here is i can do,

    LoginID : ghale

    I can contribute US$ : 100.00


  • "Also questions related to CocoonJS are blamed between Ludei & Scirra and unanswered in some cases and no proper documentation"

    Blame isn't the appropriate word for this situation. Accepted responsibility is the problem. Scirra is assuming that Ludei is responsible for the plugin and Ludie thinks Scirra is responsible for the plugin. Which of course is leaving us out in the cold with neither wanting to do the task :|

    This is the same plugin, but Spriter is doing the plugin, but Scirra is doing the plugin required support. I suspect that Scirra is taking the same route. Scirra will support the plugin features, but won't right the plugin :|

    Also I don't think you should hire for the plugin as you might want to instead offer a Bounty for the plugin. Honestly $200 is a good start. If I had more JS skill i would do this. Currently however, my plugins have never reached release levels :D

  • We have some pretty decent JS plugin devs in the community , maybe 1 of them is working for this sort of plugin ...

  • I am keen for this, I'd happily invest $50.

  • ludei Ashley Kyatric What about it?

  • So far we have got $250.00 , So any javascript developers wants to take it and implement ? I am looking for the following coconJS Extensions to be implemented,

    1) IAP: wiki.ludei.com/cocoonjs:extensions:iap

    2) Social : wiki.ludei.com/cocoonjs:extensions:social

    Any one interested, basically a seasoned javascript developer who understands the Scirra's javascript SDK to implement the plugin and be familiar cocoonJS framework. Please PM me or post it in the topic.

    Again , thanks for everyone who were willing to contribute. This is still open if anyone wants to donate contribute towards this plugin, please feel free to post.

  • Ashley has mentioned in another thread :

    e plan to improve CocoonJS support over the next couple of releases, so hopefully things will get even better. We know there's a few issues like missing documentation on using IAP and such, but hopefully we can get it all sorted soon and then CocoonJS will be an easy and robust way to publish mobile games.

    Maybe some of the major concerns will be addressed? Which features are you/we most missing with the current CocoonJS Plugin, are they:

    ? Notifications

    ? Social network integration

    ? GameCenter (native Leaderboards)

    ? Native Features like Orientation, Acceleration, Camera, Location

    I don't mean to suggest you shouldn't pool money to get a developer, but that you could help Scirra at the same time by letting them know which features are a priority?

  • ===================

    I am interested, here is i can do,

    LoginID : JoJoe

    I can contribute US$ : 500.00


    Must have a proper GUI, absolutely NO scripting or text file editing on my part. Proper documentation is part of the deal too. None of this half baked, "GNU quality", lazy developer crap either, all the Icons and buttons must be complete and functioning.

    Only willing to pay upon a complete, working plugin. It has to be a living breathing product before I will make my contribution.

  • Thanks jojoe for your contribution , we will find someone who can make a better job in integrating it .

    So far $750.00 to write the plugin , Calling for javascript developers , if i don't hear from anyone within 2 day s, i might have to find someone from outside through Elance or oDesk.

  • As mentioned, since Ashley said he was going to work on it, perhaps you hold off for a bit first.

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  • It would not be the case, a kickstarter or give the money to Scirra Ashley , contraram someone and then they can guide that person?

    The money here're tough, but I think that gives a $ 50 to get ...

  • Any news?

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