Mobile pain ! , Why is scirra ignoring ?

  • Well, I don't think the reason Scirra don't yet have another employee is money-related, as they have had a 'help wanted' opening for a while now.

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  • One of the major reason that I bought Construct 2 license is CocoonJS support. When I saw both sites (Scirra and Ludei) advertise each other product, I thought that they might have good relationship or collaboration or something.

    Now Ashley didn't bother to update the CocoonJS plugin and Ludei probably have a very low priority to update the plugin. So I guess we are stuck...

    As a paid customer, I`m kinda dissapointed with Scirra regarding CocoonJS support. In my opinion or my interest, CocoonJS(ads, Google services,CocoonJS bugs etc) should have a bit higher priority than other features mainly because CocoonJS will help us distribute our games to IOS and Android which is a very popular platform.

    I`m tired and frustrated hearing that this is 1 staff company or etc since this is a commercial product hence Scirra should hire more staff if they felt that they need more people to help in Construct 2 development.

    Crosswalk is "ok" but I think we may have to wait for at least 6 more months to see more features to come in( ads, google services, better performance ?)

    Overall even in HTML5 or web environment , we still have to rely on third party API likes Clay.IO for monetization and etc (IAP, Ads, Leaderboard). The Scirra's Arcade still haven't been updated to allow us to monetize(ads ,IAP etc) or using third party plugin...

    The Arcade should be a good place for us to distribute and monetize our games, and maybe help us to sell non-exclusive license for our games from the Arcade?

    The product(Construct 2) is great but Scirra's after sale support is so-so..

    Sorry guys for big rant... This is my opinion on C2 after using it for 10 months...

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