Mobile pain ! , Why is scirra ignoring ?

  • OK, hope that clears it up for everyone else too - looks like we can implement GC (and maybe Facebook) in the next release.

  • Thanks Ashley for your understanding .. , i am seeing some light at the end of the tunnnel here ! and thanks again for your great work !

  • Hello there,

    The thing I don't understand is this : Why Scirra are be able to go native with Windows Phone 8 and not for Android ? With a WP8 export we are be able to open the solution in VS and compile it. For Android we have to user third party service.

    That's just a question :) Also thank's for this great tool :)

  • Probably because Microsoft Development environment (Visual Studio) gives you the tools for doing this. Does android have a standardized development environment for their packages, or is it all up to third parties to create them?

  • CrystalNoir, With Windows8, MS made HTML5 execute on the same layer just like native code.

    Because of this it is very easy for C2 to export a proper project to compile in VS2012 to Windows8 and Windows Phone 8.

    Toolkits like Node Webkit also enable easy exporting to Windows Win32 desktop, Mac OSX and some linux distros.

    We now need some magic opensource toolkit to do the same for mobile.

  • ludei Is there an eta on the new box2d improvements? I released my physics based game last month for iOS but had to modify Constructs box2d to gain speed with physics. I'm really looking forward to trying out your new improvements to box2d.

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  • Just to say this , You won't have any chances on mobile , The Gold Rush is over and plenty of companies took the lead , If you want some spotlight , you'll need to make something un-linear , something revolutionary , I don't think you'll do it ...

    ( Shooting the challenge ... :D )

  • You should stop being judgmental ! It took 52 games for Rovio to come up with Angry Birds !, EA & Disney were there before Rovio , if they would have thought that the 'Gold Rush' is over they wouldn't have made their millions today ! Please don;t pollute this thread and keep it to the topic of what is was opened for and for other benefits.

  • I'm sorry for polluting the topic , but Angry Bird is a "special" game , and was the first in it's genre , revolutionary and un-linear , the theme was new and well executed and that's what made it a success .

    Good luck for all those who try their chances

    That's my opinion and you won't block me from giving it to the audience ...

    Who knows , Maybe people learned from the two posts I just added <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • e now need some magic opensource toolkit to do the same for mobile.

    Or develop a transcoder that make this magic for us, like the Monkey language that trancode Monkey language to plateform native language.

    May be we can use tools like Titanium Studio / Mosync tool dev to embed a html 5 C2 game ^^

  • Construct 2 and mobile is very doable, I am on the AppStore using a hybrid of Construct, and CocoonJs.

    To say it is lacking is ignorant, rather it is growing.

    Once a more native non WebView facebook system, IAP and improved performance from CocoonJS (I have contacted ludei and it is well and truly on its way) is integrated the system will be easily one of, if not the best way to publish a game to the AppStore.

    Spend your energy thinking of a game, building it, polishing it and by the time you are ready to launch, or have a new game to make, everything you need will be integrated.

  • ludei Is there an eta on the new box2d improvements? I released my physics based game last month for iOS but had to modify Constructs box2d to gain speed with physics. I'm really looking forward to trying out your new improvements to box2d.


    I've been tinkering more with improving performance in mobile and I've found that 90% of slowdowns I've experienced in my project are caused by physics. Stripping down my game on mobile to just the bare essentials (it's not a physics-based game as such, but the player and its collisions are physics-based) is acceptable, but not ideal. It seems that as soon as I have more that 10 or so physics objects in one layout the frame rates start dropping rapidly.

  • GeometriX: whats your workflow so far? Export with phonegap onlineservice,eclipse/cordova, appmobi, cocoon/ludei online-service, clayIO? What kind of device do you use? OS? Im very interested as i develop some small games on mobile as well and the framerate is just horrible. I test it on htc desire OS 2.2, so cocoon dosent seemt to be working for me.I dont know if its a good idea to use cyanogenmod, not sure what kind of consequences it brings with it and if i coulduse cocoon/ludeis service after installing the mod...

    Well, i guess developing games is just a very time-consuming adventure <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • dformer At the moment I'm still in the testing phase, which means I export for CocoonJS and run the game on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean) through the CocoonJS Launcher app. It's very playable, getting around 58 fps at the moment, but I've had to tone down the physics stuff to just a few key objects to get it to that stage. Once I get further into development and really start pushing optimisation by testing on lower-end phones I know I'm going to have a hard time.

    You're right though, it is time-consuming, which is why I'm not making a big deal about it. I know that mobile requires optimisation, and I'm prepared to do it (I am doing it), but knowing that native Coccon apps run hundreds of physics objects without slipping in frame rate means that I could also get that kind of performance once everything between Scirra and Ludei is sorted out.

  • Hello everyone,

    Ludei is releasing a new version of the system with plenty of improvements this week so stay tuned. About physics, it is true: JavaScript is not the perfect fit for this kind of computation intensive tasks. Our native binding will be improved in the next release but can't promise all the features we support will fit your needs. Box2D is quite huge.

    About GameCenter and Facebook integration, out next release will include a much more compelling social and social gaming API so you will be able to handle Facebook, GameCenter and Twitter with a single code. Hopefully this will help Scirra to integrate these features.

    Scirra is doing a great job exporting to CocoonJS. Their update frequency and productivity is simply outstanding (we would like to be as productive as they are but we have many difficulties in the way: Apple approvals, cloud integrations/sycnhronizations, ...). We are going to try to improve our support for Construct2 engine and we try to help Ashley whenever he needs anything from us.



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