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  • Any chance Construct 2/3 could be compatible with Microsoft 10 and HoloLenses? And perhaps have some cool editor features for it?

  • NOt a lot of info is released yet on hololense so it would be hard to answer that. As for Windows 10, Construct and most other programs already work. in fact i'm already using it and construct works great with it

  • volkiller730

    How did you already get Windows 10? Are you in the beta or something? Tell me how you have it!

  • volkiller730

    How did you already get Windows 10? Are you in the beta or something? Tell me how you have it!

    Just sign up for insiders program, download the iso you want (64 or 32 bit). Create a dvd from it, and off you go.

    The great thing about insiders program, is that you can have an influence on the development of the OS.

  • HoloLense required 3D (models). You mean Hololense as a big 3D television?

  • IMHO HoloLens is not the key here. I think (if we want support for this) we should ask Scirra (or the plugin developers) to support VR in general, and not just HoloLens. HoloLens is not for games.

  • glerikud [quote:1bujlrzn]HoloLens is not for games

    ait what?

    Also, there's no reason to consider 3D gaming from a 2D game engine. There are plenty of other engines that already have VR platforms built in. Asking this from Construct seems silly.

  • People seem to think I meant making Construct games for the HoloLens, I meant making the Construct 2 software usable for the HoloLens.

  • And how do you see that working out exactly? I suspect that the amount of work to implement it would be way too high for enabling a select few to awkwardly drag some sprites around by waving their hands.

    It's certainly cool tech, but that doesn't mean everything needs to support it.

  • Somebody

    I just think it'd be awesome flicking your fingers to make events and such, image, you're in bed or a really awesome chair with a glass of whatever, one handing events like a boss.

  • For a little while perhaps, but then your hands get tired ando you realise it's 10x faster with a keyboard and a mouse. I'd rather they let you successfully drag events under one another before letting you do it in VR.

  • Somebody

    You can already drag events under one another. You just click and hold.

  • Try that with an end group or event sheet event and you'll see what I mean

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  • I know, they get sub-grouped or evented. It's annoying. But just but it second to last and then switch places

  • If you have a keyboard in there somehow then it sounds like it could be amusing. Otherwise, no keyboard = no Construct 2.

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