Have you made money with a C2 game? If so, how?

  • I'm just curious to hear people's stories. Even if you were only earning a couple of bucks a week from ad revenue, or however it works. Thought it would be interesting to hear :)

  • There are tons of threads already covering this topic. Just have a look on board search. :)

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  • You'll also notice a lot of those threads were closed due to the poster(s) demanding proof of income. So don't do that

    Checkout kickstarter - some fantastic C2 games getting funded there.

    I'm currently following a game called Reven. Very promising project.

    Also, checkout NotionGames

  • in case of ads:

    Construct 2 have much less profitable $$$ methods comparing to native Java developers (entry ads, exit ads, floating ads, Pay Per Install SDK etc.) so every C2 app will earn less than Java app (slow PhoneGap is not solution)

    anyway my general advice is: do the games. If one not succedd - do another.

    put them on Google Play and Amazon AppStore (Samsung Apps sucks because they allow only 'their' ads SDK or paid apps)

    if app is really good quality - then do marketing :)

    sooner or later it will bring income

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