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  • I'm nearly finished with a game I have been working on for almost 2 years, there's just a few things I need to understand. I've played A LOT of pixel games in my life, and everyone of them that I have played have a simple single saved data file. However, with Construct 2, not only is the saved file complicated and spread out among the file folder located in "C:\Users\Luke\AppData\Local\<GameNameFolder>\User Data", but also, upon starting the game execution file, it creates many files (within the "...\Local\<GameNameFolder>\User Data") that I do not understand or even think are relevant. Does anyone know how to make the game save file a single file (possibly editable?), or is that how Construct 2's game saved files always are?

    EDIT: This issue has already been solved.

  • Sure, with Nw.js, you can write any file to the user hard drive, so you can also build your custom save file if you like

    Just have all your game variables ready and use nwjs "write file" and/or "append file" actions to write those in a text or xml file

    And if you built a xml file, you can use the XML plugin next time the game launches to read it back with NWjs.ReadFile()

    https://www.scirra.com/manual/162/nwjs (see file paths/permissions details there too)

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  • Thanks for the reply, lemo, however, I had already solved this problem with Moderator Arima's help about a day after I had created this post, I had just forgot to change my post to <SOLVED>. I had also discovered more about the solution to my problem thanks to the tutorial written by Ratmaster. I was especially grateful for the fact that their tutorial came with (though some-what blurry, but still) great example images. I have changed the status of this post to <SOLVED>, thanks again the reply.

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