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  • Ashley

    I noticed that the "WAIT" action in system is dependant on time scale, thus it's impossible to do events like this whilst the time-scale is zero;



    Currently a way to partially get around this is to set the time-scale to say, 0.00000000001, set the wait action accordingly and maybe add a global variable that restricts certain events from happening while the time-scale is 0.00000000001.

    Could you please add a "Wallclock Wait" action in the next build? There is a wallclock time expression in the system expressions menu but no wallclock wait.

    Essentially "Wallclock Wait" would be a "Wait" action that is not affected by the time-scale.

    If it's not too much of a problem can you please add this in the next build?

    Thank you very much!

  • This would be awesome.

  • Actually this would be pretty handy. I usually just set an object's time scale to 1 and get its specific dt for use in timers elsewhere...but it's kind of annoying.

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  • Or, just have the option to make wait not bound to timescale.

  • "action:wait" will be affected by timescale.

    Designer could

    1. put an object and set the timescale to 1,

    2. add a timer behavior to count the time out

    3. use "action: wait signal" to wait the timer timeout.

    Here is a sample capx.

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