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  • Hello Ashley !

    I hope you're having a great holiday, I'd certainly say you've earned the rest, seeing how much work you've been doing. So enjoy the time off.

    Anyway, my new idea, is to have a checkbox that shows up alongside the Window Size and Rendering settings when you click the project to edit its settings. This checkbox would be a "Frame-rate Independance" checkbox, what this would do is that it could set all logic that deals with say, speed and such, that would usually require us adding math by making an event and then "x * dt" to inherently have that quality without needing specific events for it.

    That's all, I hope I wrote it clearly and kept it short enough.

    Happy Holidays!

    Also: Tokinsom

  • What you ask is impossible. How can the editor distinguish between:

    + Every tick

    -> Set X to Self.X + 50 * dt (needs dt)

    + Time = 1 second

    -> Set X to Self.X + 50 (does not need dt, just want to make it jump)

    Or how will it know that:

    round(Self.X + cos(Self.Angle) * 50)

    needs to be transformed in to:

    round(Self.X + cos(Self.Angle) * 50 * dt)

    ...where it's not even a matter of just appending *dt, it needs to go inside another function.

    The distinction depends on your own game's logic, therefore the editor cannot apply dt automatically and you have to add it yourself in the right places. Note however all behaviors and the rest of the engine is already framerate independent, it's only your own logic that you need to ensure is also framerate independent.

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  • Oh I see! Thank you very much for clearing that up!

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