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  • Didn't fit in the title.

    Anyway, when I delete an object I get the prompt that any events, conditions and actions that use that object will also be deleted.

    I wish there was a way to open a window or something to show us which events, conditions and actions are still using that object, it'd be great for when you replace an object and don't know if the replaced object being used anywhere.

    This would be amazing for huge projects that require you to check hundreds of events before being sure you can delete an object.

    Current the way to go about it is to use the Search Event and go through every event sheet.

    If this can't be put into C2, at least put it into Construct 3?

  • If it would just default to some dummy object, that would be delectable.

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  • If it would just default to some dummy object, that would be delectable.

    I love delectable feature requests... +1 to this one for sure.

  • Yep, this would really be nice for huge projects. And related, a feature to search all the objects, and list the ones not referenced in the event sheets.

  • This does sound delicious. Searching wouldn't be so bad if you could somehow keep your spot in the event sheet when you cleared the search. That is unless your confident making changes without seeing any sub events not included when doing so.

  • Accepting the features!


  • Just ran into that issue yesterday ^^

    Would be a really great addition!

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