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  • Yeah that's probably for the best. Nesteris You want to start the new thread or should I?

  • Everything Quazi brought up was regarding the original idea of linking layouts together, which we have decided against. We have two entirely different features on this topic now and you guys keep mixing them up...The benefits of this room object are very simple: Allows users to create very large open-world or metroidvania areas in a single layout by loading it bit by bit, and allows users to view/modify all rooms in a layout at once instead of using a simple list and viewing one room at a time with no world reference. It is a godsend for those looking to build these types of games...What is with all the fuss?

    Im not talking about your original idea. Never was.

    The things Quazi brought up are entirely relevant to to linking your "rooms" together.

    Knowing how the rooms interact and what their purpose is, is all I am asking.

    Your rooms sound identical to layouts. With all the flaws and all the benefits.

    Only advantage of a room over a layout is seeing a little more of the level design at once.

    I don't think me asking you to tell/ explain what you want rooms to do, and how you see them interacting any differently than our current system is asking too much.

    What I saw a few times is the discussion is a desire of room/layout transitions.

    I simply don't think we need "rooms" to do what you guys are wanting. Simply giving my input. I'm trying to be open minded to the room idea... but struggle to differentiate what you want them to accomplish that isnt already done by a layout.

  • The purpose of room objects, how they differ from layouts, and why they're so beneficial, is all over this thread. There is very little left to explain so I don't really know what you want me to tell you.

    Perhaps you'll find your answers in the new thread. I imagine it will go into greater detail and be more concise.

  • Tokinsom ,

    I'll make the new one if you don't mind? I'll put it in Construct 2 General again.

    I'll also try and make the first post as detailed as possible regarding the features.

    I'm going to go over this thread a couple times and extract the most of what we had down as functions that the Room Object will serve.

    Also, other people reading this thread.

    For the love of god, Room Object is NOT going to replace anything

    or is implementing it if it is implemented going to have other features removed.


    I cannot make that any simpler, thus people saying things like

    [quote:15br91vh]if that means sacrificing local variables. And removing layout persistency

    Will be fully ignored.

  • Edit: Of course, I decided to reply without reading anything...looks like this idea has been mentioned (room objects). However, I will say this was my first intuition, after reading just a couple posts in this thread, none of which mentioned 'room objects'. So...

    I haven't read thru the whole thread, so pardon if this idea has been mentioned, but what about this:


    Sub-layouts appear as objects in the master layout. Their size is determined by the dimensions specified in the sub-layout, and cannot be adjusted in the master layout. However, they can be moved around and snapped together, just like other objects.

    If you double click on one of these 'sub-layout' objects, it opens in a new tab for editing. When viewing them in the master layout, you see a static visual of the current state of the sub-layout, which updates whenever you change it.

    Obviously, there are some limitations. One that comes to mind is that sub-layout cannot have their own event sheets, properties (other than size), or effects. Instead, these have to be applied to the master layout, and then inherited by the sub-layouts.


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  • [quote:3bdf2xu2] Creating Open-world and Metroidvania style games IS possible in C2. A few devs including myself have already proved that using various methods.

    Just putting it out there, I've done it too, the problem was that transitions were garbage and needed either destroyed and creating the same player on every layout or making it global (everyone on the forum, when asked suggested using the destroy/create method )


    You've basically described Room Objects, but I think that's too similar to our multi-layout idea that was abandoned for lack of implementability. On a similar note, I thought about a "Transition to Layout" Object, you could make it invisible and hide it under a door, and when the player overlaps it you could set an animation to play, but I think that's much too simple to work. Not to mention it would use "pre-rendered cut scenes" instead of live game play and there are ALWAYS problems with that.

  • I got a notification that someone posted a new reply on this topic, yet when I came to see it it was gone.

    Anyway, Tokinsom wanna be friends/buddies? lol

    The new thread is up and running, go here to find it.

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